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How to Pair Cocktails with Gourmet Burgers

While you might not think of cocktails when you think of burgers, that way of thinking might cause you to miss out on a sophisticated and dynamic flavor pairing. The fact is that a well-made burger with a carefully selected cocktail can create a flavor combination that takes your eating experience to new levels.

Intrigued? Our team at Modern Plate has a few options to try that promise to create a harmonic symphony of flavors you’ll not soon forget.

Factors to Consider

Before choosing a drink, take a moment to consider the burger’s flavor profile. Is it a juicy turkey burger, a traditional beef patty, or maybe a plant-based substitute?

You also need to think about the burger’s flavors, toppings, and sauces, all of which factor into which cocktail you choose.

Find a Balance

It all comes down to balance when pairing gourmet burgers and cocktails. You can either enjoy an intriguing contrast or enhance the flavors of the cocktail and the burger.

For instance, if your burger is spicy and contains jalapeño, like our Hottie’s Burger, a cool cocktail would go well with it. However, for a delicious contrast, a sweet drink with a bit of tartness, like our Blackberry Bourbon Smash, would go nicely with our Western burger.

Consider Intensity

It’s also important to also consider the burgers and the cocktail’s respective intensities. A strong cocktail can be necessary for a robust and meaty burger to complement its flavors.

On the other hand, an excessively potent cocktail can overpower a lighter burger made with fresh ingredients. Aim for harmony so that neither the cocktail nor the burger overpowers the palate.

Enjoy the Experience

Handcrafted drinks, distinctive sauces, and freshly made buns can all add layers of intricacy to your partnering experience. Not only that, but you can think outside the box and pair one of our cocktails with your choice of exotic meat, from bison, elk, wild boar, or wagyu.

A good combination to consider is our Bison burger and one of our bourbon cocktails, such as our T and T Old Fashioned, made from Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Final Notes

Combining gourmet burgers with cocktails is a creative and enjoyable experience that can improve the flavor of every mouthful when the match is a success. Our team at Modern Plate can provide you with a variety of options to try, so much so that you’ll have to keep returning until you’ve checked them all off.

Stop in today to get started on your gourmet burger and cocktail journey.


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