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The Allure of Exotic Meat

Because of their distinctive flavors, textures, and sense of adventure, exotic meats have become more and more popular among foodies. They offer a chance to break free from your normal food routine, which promotes an openness that leads to personal growth and a greater understanding of the diversity of the human experience.

In essence, the allure of exotic meats is much more than simply trying a new food. It’s the chance to open a whole new world. Some of the most common exotic meats to try for the first time include bison, elk, wagyu, and wild boar.

Bison meat is a tasty and lean substitute for conventional beef. Its rich, slightly sweet flavor appeals to people who want to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. This is thanks to its high protein and low-fat content.


Elk is milder and slightly sweeter in flavor than beef. It is a desirable option for people looking for a lean protein source because of its decreased fat level. Elk adds a distinctive flavor to traditional foods like steaks, burgers, and sausages that leaves you with an unexpected but delightful mouthful.


You might not think of Wagyu beef as exotic, but the specialized care given to Wagyu cattle, its unique marbling, which produces a rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, and its Japanese origins all combine to make it so.

When you try it, you’ll see that it has an unrivaled depth of flavor and buttery texture, which is hard to find in any other meat of its kind.

Wild Boar

Compared to other exotic meats, wild boar meat has a robust, gamey flavor. This powerful taste combines with a pork-like texture and works well in a variety of culinary applications, including roasts, stews, and sausages.

Understanding the Allure of Exotic Meats

As mentioned, exotic meats are appealing not just because of their unique flavors but also because of the sense of adventure they offer. You can venture beyond your comfort zone and discover a wide variety of tastes by trying these meats.

Furthermore, exotic meats have become increasingly popular due to the growing interest in ethical and sustainable farming methods, as suppliers of exotic meats frequently prioritize animal welfare and ecologically conscious production.

Taste the Wild Side

You can try exotic meats in downtown Elmhurst at the Modern Plate. We offer an Exotic Burger with your choice of bison, elk, wagyu, or wild boar. In addition, you can add Monterey Jack cheese, pickle relish, jalapeño jam, or roasted garlic aioli. If you’re not sure what combination to try first, our team can assist, ensuring you’ll enjoy every bite.


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